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When planning your Milwaukie breast augmenation surgery, you need to spend time considering a number of personal decisions both before and after you have discussed your options with Dr. Lopez. Below are some of the items you will want to think about before your surgery. Each woman considering breast augmentation should understand her needs and desired results, and should highlight any areas that may require further research and consideration.

At the Aesthetic Laser Center, we are here to help you make the best choices for breast augmentation surgery based on your goals and objectives. Call our Milwaukie office today at 503-353-0888 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lopez.

Choosing the Size and Type of Breast Implant

Implants control the size and volume of breasts but not the shape. Sagging or drooping of the breast, and nipple size and shape, are all dependent upon a patientbs anatomy b not the breast implant itself. The decision about what size implant to select is highly individual and could be based on such considerations as current breast size, overall body shape or frame size, and the importance of retaining a “natural” look. Your cosmetic surgeon in Milwaukie will help you make these decisions.

Similarly, you can choose which material you prefer to have contained within the implant capsule. In November 2006, the Food and Drug Administration re-approved the use of silicone in breast implants. Many women prefer silicone due to its more natural and soft texture. Also available are saline (or salt water) implants, which offer more incision options and are more affordable. Either type of implant can be selected to have a smooth or textured surface. The smooth surface type offers a natural, less firm feel, but is more prone to capsular contracture, which can negatively affect the look of the breast over time.

Deciding on the Incision Site

There are a number of options for inserting some implants. Your choice will depend in part on the type and size of implant you select, your susceptibility to scarring, and the likelihood that you will need or want additional future surgeries. Silicone implants should be inserted inframammary (i.e., directly underneath the breast) only, since they require a larger incision than saline implants. Saline implants can be inserted though the following locations:

Using this entry point, scar marks are hidden in the pigmented portion of the areolae; most often no scar can be detected.

Axillary placement involves inserting the implant through an incision in the armpit, generally the most hidden of all incision sites; however, if a patient requires subsequent surgery, it must often be through another incision site, i.e., areolar or inframammary.

This incision site is the most visible, and subsequent surgeries may be necessary to minimize the appearance of scarring.

Inserting the implant capsule through the belly button leaves no scar on the breast, but, like the axillary method, if subsequent surgeries are necessary this incision site cannot be used.

Placing Implants Above or Below the Muscle

A slender patient with very little breast tissue covering the upper chest would be a better candidate for below the muscle (submuscular) breast implants, which lessen the chance for a bstuck-onb or bulging appearance. Patients with significant breast tissue high on the chest, and those seeking greater cleavage, would benefit more from subglandular (above the muscle) positioning. Below is a summary of advantages and disadvantages of submuscular implants.

Advantages of submuscular implants:

  • Muscle overlying the implant reduces the feel of hardness if contracture occurs.
  • Muscle over the implant provides a smoother transition from clavicle to nipple, reducing the unnatural humped or “stuck on” appearance most women seek to avoid.
  • Submuscular implants offer a slightly better view for mammograms.

Disadvantages of submuscular implants:

  • Most patients experience more discomfort during recovery following a submuscular implant procedure than they would in a subglandular procedure.
  • Muscle contraction over time may push a submuscular breast implant outward, creating an unnatural appearance.
  • Because of the deeper placement, submuscular implants will create less cleavage.
  • Following surgery, the breasts may not feel as soft or move as freely as they would if a subglandular procedure was used.

Selecting General or Local Anesthesia

General anesthesia requires complete paralysis and artificial breathing during the breast augmentation surgery in Milwaukie. Usually, patients are aware of nothing during the procedure, but will awaken with significant discomfort. Local anesthesia involves injecting numbing medication into the area being treated. Patients choosing local anesthesia receive sedation and pain medication prior to their procedure, and remain conscious throughout the surgery. The average patient choosing local anesthesia with sedation will have total amnesia and will not remember the procedure. However, one will experience some slight discomfort during the procedure but usually will have less discomfort after the surgery is complete.

Learning About Laser-Assisted Breast Augmentation

Patients should consider whether use of the Erchonia Niera 4Lb” Laser, newly offered by Dr. Lopez, is right for them. Laser-assisted augmentation helps to minimize bruising and swelling following surgery. Dr. Lopez uses the Erchonia laser to relax surrounding tissue and make it easier during surgery to insert and position the breast implant. While many patients show visible improvement following their laser-assisted surgery, others may respond better to traditional methods. Often the most successful patients are those in good physical condition, who do not smoke or drink and do not engage in overly stringent dieting or exercise.

Choosing a Hospital or Office Location

Hospitals are designed to accommodate patients who are sick or who need complicated treatment. Our office on N. First Street caters to healthy patients seeking cosmetic improvements. Dr. Lopez is ACLS certified (trained to respond to emergency situations), and her nursing staff also are ACLS certified. Our office surgicenter is equipped with all necessary emergency equipment, monitors, oxygen, defibrillators, and battery back-up power. Every step has been taken to ensure your maximum comfort and safety. Our office surgicenter is accredited by the Institute of Medical Quality.