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Address: 1034 N Boones Ferry Rd, 97071 Woodburn , OR
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    "Since I have been treated and using Filler Pomitalia/Nucleorich PL system. I can say major improvement on my skin texture and face filling up and skin tightening. I can feel the collagen is building back and my face looks younger. I feel so far this product is working for me and I am happy with the program."
    "Dr. Lopez did the new RHA filler procedure on me. I had global rejuvenation of my mid and lower face, cheeks, and jowls. She is quite the artist. The product is really impressive- very smoothy and subtly integrates, and enhances for a really natural result. Took an easy 10 yrs off my appearance. I went from looking haggard to getting compliments left and right. Highly recommend Dr. Lopez!"
    "Dr. Lopez and her assistant Lynn at Aesthetic Laser Center were amazing. They took their time to answer my questions and made sure I felt comfortable. They check on me after my surgery to see how I was doing. I will definitely go back if I need anything else. I highly recommend Dr. Lopez."
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