Hand Rejuvenation

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“Your hands reveal your age” is one of today’s oldest beauty adages. Thankfully, this no longer has to be the case! Now, you can restore youthful volume and a healthy look to the back of your hands with Hand Rejuvenation at Aesthetic Laser Center.

Hand Rejuvenation Lake Oswego, OR

As we age, our skin loses volume. The soft tissues of the body wear down. This leads to prominent veins, ligaments, bones, and wrinkles in the back of the hands. The expert injectors at Aesthetic Laser Center counter this volume loss and rejuvenate the backs of the hands with dermal fillers. We offer a wide variety of dermal fillers to help you achieve the youthful hand look and feel that is right for you.

To learn more about the beautiful, natural-looking hand rejuvenation outcomes we achieve with dermal fillers, we invite you to schedule a private consultation at Aesthetic Laser Center today.


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Hand Rejuvenation at Aesthetic Laser Center

Hand Rejuvenation Lake Oswego, OR

Volume loss in the back of the hands is a common concern. Hand rejuvenation is a convenient, effective way to correct the loss of soft tissue and fill in the backs of the hands.

Expert injector Dr. Lopez use dermal fillers to deliver artful hand rejuvenation for both men and women. Dermal fillers are FDA-approved cosmetic injectables. The ingredients of each dermal filler are designed to feel natural within the body and add healthy volume to the hands or face. The dermal fillers we offer for hand rejuvenation include Voluma, Vollure, Radiesse, Belotero Balance, Sculptra, and Restylane Lyft. Your hand rejuvenation will be customized to your unique goals using your preferred filler. Rejuvenation with hand filler will hide your bones, veins, and ligaments and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Benefits of Hand Rejuvenation

Why Choose Hand Rejuvenation with dermal fillers?

Benefits of Hand Rejuvenation at Aesthetic Laser Center include:

  • Restore lost volumn to the hand dorsum.
  • Smooth away wrinkles.
  • Reduce visibility of veins, bones, and ligaments.
  • Results are soft and natural-looking.
  • Treatment is customizable and will be tailored to your preferences.
  • The procedure is convenient and can be administered in less than twenty minutes.
  • Minimal to no discomfort during hand rejuvenation treatment.
  • No downtime is needed after treatment.


Hand Rejuvenation Lake Oswego, OR

Has the skin on the back of your hand become looser or more wrinkled? If the back of your hands are more gaunt, veiny, or bony than they used to be, you may be a good candidate for hand rejuvenation. Hand rejuvenation at Aesthetic Laser Center is an excellent option for men and women with busy schedules who want to look and feel their best. Hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers will help you look as young as you feel on the inside.

In order to determine your candidacy for hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers, we will go over your current health condition with you. Please disclose any recurring health issues, so that we can find the type of dermal filler that is most appropriate for you. For example, patients who experience frequent sore throats or are on any immunosuppressive therapy should not receive Belotero. If you have severe allergies, a hematological disorder, are pregnant or are breastfeeding, you are not a candidate for Belotero or Radiesse.


Best candidates for hand fillers are those who want to restore a
youthful appearance to the back of their hands.


Candidates for hand rejuvenation will be asked to discontinue their use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications for two weeks before and after their hand rejuvenation.

Types of Dermal Fillers

We achieve beautiful hand rejuvenation results with Restylane Lyft, Radiesse, and Belotero Balance. Each of these fillers delivers safe, attractive volume and improves collagen in the back of the hands. The type of filler you will receive will depend on your health indicators, your personal preferences, and our professional recommendation.

Restylane Lyft

Restylane Lyft is a hyaluronic acid filler specially formulated to add natural-looking volume to the backs of the hands. Restylane Lyft can also address wrinkles and volume loss in the midface region. Restylane Lyft will improve the amount of collagen in the back of the hands, resulting in a more youthful hand appearance that will last for six months. Your injector can work with you to create a long-term treatment plan that will accomplish and maintain your preferred results.


Radiesse is an FDA-approved injectable gel. The main ingredient is calcium hydroxylapatite, a naturally-occurring substance in our teeth and bones. Radiesse will add natural volume to the backs of the hands. The opacity of Radiesse blends in well under the skin and effectively covers veins and tendons. Radiesse’s formula is designed to be long-lasting: a single treatment will last for two years!

Radiesse (+) is also available to patients. Radiesse (+) is formulated with lidocaine to improve patient comfort.

Belotero Balance

This hyaluronic acid filler has a low density, make it an ideal way to fill fine lines and wrinkles. Hand rejuvenation with Belotero will last for roughly six months. Outcomes can be extended for the long-term!


Before you undergo hand rejuvenation at Aesthetic Laser Center, you will receive a private consultation. We will go over your dermal filler options with you and answer any questions you may have. Your hands will be examined. We will also go over your medical background with you to make sure the chosen treatment plan is right for you. Once you have a clear sense of the benefits of your hand filler options, your expert injector will work with you to customize your hand rejuvenation treatment plan.

If you have any questions about hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers, we will be happy to answer them. Schedule your private consultation to learn more about hand rejuvenation today.

Hand Rejuvenation Procedure

Hand Rejuvenation Lake Oswego, OR

Hand rejuvenation is a quick, comfortable procedure that accomplishes beautiful results in just minutes!

When you arrive at Aesthetic Laser Center for your hand rejuvenation, the skin on the back of your hands will be sterilized. If patients desire, a topical anesthetic may be applied to keep them comfortable during their injection. Some dermal fillers also contain lidocaine to improve the comfort of treatment. Once you are comfortable, your expert injection will administer your selected dermal filler carefully into the back of your hand with a fine, medical-grade syringe. Your injector will gently massage the back of the hand to guarantee the desired distribution of the filler.


No downtime is needed after Hand Rejuvenation! You can get right back to your usual daily activities without any issue. The back of your hands may be slightly red or swollen following your hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers. These effects are normal and will subside within a day of treatment. Avoid strenuous exercise for the first two days after hand rejuvenation.


Hand Rejuvenation Lake Oswego, OR

Hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers will correct a gaunt, bony hand appearance and leave your hands looking young, smooth, and healthy.

Depending on your chosen filler and the unique chemistry of your body, the results of your hand rejuvenation will last between six months to two years!

If you would like to extend the results of your hand rejuvenation, the expert injectors at Aesthetic Laser Center will be happy to customize a long-term treatment plan for you.


How do you treat aging hands?

Some patients decide to rejuvenate the skin on their hands with a laser treatment like Fraxel or a vein treatment like sclerotherapy. While these treatments can address some aspects of hand aging, hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers is a gentle, comprehensive solution to hand aging. Hand fillers add smooth, attractive volume to the backs of the hands and stimulate collagen production to improve and extend the youthful results of the treatment.

What is the best filler for hands?

Radiesse, Belotero Balance, and Restylane Lyft all accomplish beautiful, natural-looking hand rejuvenation. There is no one clear winner: the type of hand filler that is right for you will depend on your health profile, your personal preference, and your expert injector’s professional opinion. Some patients find that certain fillers last longer in their unique body chemistry than others, for example.

How much are fillers for hands?

The price of hand rejuvenation with fillers will depend on the type of filler you select, the amount of filler that will be used, and the number of treatments that you would like to receive long-term. Once you have customized a treatment plan with your expert injector, you will receive your appropriate cost breakdown.

How long do hand fillers last?

Hand fillers will last between six months to two years, depending on the type of filler chosen. Individual body chemistry can also impact the life of hand rejuvenation results.