Breast Augmentation Risks and Complications

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Breast Augmentation

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure in Lake Oswego, breast augmentation surgery may involve complications. Below is a list of complications that may occur, along with the percentage chance of this complication occurring following an individual procedure and some brief notes regarding each complication.

Infection – 1%

Generally, if an infection develops, the breast implant or implants must be removed and replaced only after the infection has been resolved.

Hematoma – 4%

A hematoma is a collection of blood that occurs under the surface of the skin. Bleeding of this nature is most common immediately after the operation.

Noticeable Scars – 5% to 10%

The amount of scarring that exists depends such factors as the method of insertion, variabilities in patient’sskin types, and the amount of care given to the insertion point during recovery.

Asymmetry – 10%

Some difference in the size and shape of each breast is usually present following surgery, but is not extremely noticeable or a concern to patients in most cases.

Numbness – 10%

Numbness can occur in any part of the surgical area, but usually occurs on or near the nipple. This loss of sensation often is temporary, but may be permanent.

Saline Deflation – 2%

In certain circumstances when the implant is subjected to stress or strain, or very rarely through manufacturing defect, it may rupture. The dispersal of saline into the body is harmless, and some insurers offer plans to offset the cost of repair.

Excessive Firmness – 3% to 15%

A patient feeling that her breast implants are too hard or firm is highly subjective, and depends on many factors such as breast implant type, placement, and patient preferences.


In saline implants, the breast may exhibit a rippled texture from certain angles. Rippling appears more frequently in very thin patients, larger implants, and textured implants.

Interference with Mammography

Mammograms can be performed successfully on women with breast implants, but in some cases the implants may decrease the sensitivity of mammograms; there is some evidence that submuscular implants will cause less interference. Talk with your cosmetic surgeon in Lake Oswego for more details about the effect of breast implants on mammogram results.

Some women feel frightened when they think about breast augmentation surgery. This is perfectly understandable, especially given some of the complications listed above.

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