Vaser Liposuction

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Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Lipo is a body contouring technology that uses ultrasound energy to help perform liposuction and maintain smoother results with more skin tightening and less downtown.

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. The Vaser is performed prior to liposuction after the area has been infiltration with tumescent solution. The ultrasound energy selectively emulsifies or breaks up the fat while preserving the surrounding connective tissue, nerves, vessels and lymphatics. This Acoustic Streaming that the Vaser Lipo produces allows me to remove fat more easily and smoothly resulting in less contour irregularities and less pain and swelling with a faster recovery for the patients.

There have been over 250,000 procedures performed worldwide safely.

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In a survey of VASER physicians they reported improved skin retraction, less physician fatigue, smoother contours in the areas performed and minimal pain and bruising with a faster patient recovery.

Vaser Liposuction BBL

Another benefit of the using Vaser Lipo is that you can easily harvest viable fat in large quantities for autologous fat transfer procedures. An area gaining in popularity to transfer is the buttocks for what has been called a Brazilian Butt Lift. While savaging the surrounding tissue and connective tissue the Vaser energy breaks down the fat into small groups of cells, hence, clumping and fibrous tissue that would plug up the cannulas with older methods of collections is not seen. Published research has shown that the Vaser harvested fat is viable, and the important stem cells collected will differentiate into fat cells and vessels which results in enhanced survival of the fat. This method of fat harvesting is equivalent if not better than that found in other methods.

Vaser Lipo is very helpful to treat areas that are very fibrous and different to extract fat from.

Common areas include the upper abdomen, back, flanks and male and female breast. Patients undergoing secondary liposuction after weight gain also benefit from this technology in that the fat is removed much more easily and there is less pain and a faster recovery for the patients.

A recent study from several centers showed reduced blood loss and enhanced skin retraction.

Vaser Lipo was compared with traditional suction-assisted liposuction (SAL). Twenty patients were treated with both modalities on the same anatomic site. Blood loss was measured from the samples aspirated on each side and calculated as a percentage of fat removed. Skin retraction was measured using a light tattoo placed on each side. The results showed that Vaser LipoB. resulted in a 39% reduction in blood loss and a 53% average improvement in skin retraction or tightening.

The improved skin tightening might be the result of the energy produced from the Vaser system and the enhanced preservation of connective tissue that will undergo more collagen remodeling.

Enhanced skin retraction is an added benefit that improves the final results.

The next segue occurring with this technology is Vaser Hi Def. This is taking Vaser Lipo to the next level. One can enhance the appearance of the abdomen, arms, pectoralis muscles and backs using this technology. The shape is accentuated by working more superficially with both the Vaser and liposuction afterwards. For example, the male abdomen can be accentuated by defining the linea alba which is the line in the middle of the upper abdomen, the linea semilunaris and the transverse tindinous intersections within the rectus muscle to give the appearance of a six pack abdomen. With proper training and experience one is able to use the Vaser technology superficially and safely and to obtain consistent results without contour irregularities or burns.