Natural Breast Augmentation a New Alternative to Traditional Breast Enhancement

At the Aesthetic Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center in Fresno, CA, Dr. Quita Lopez now offers natural breast augmentation to clients, as one more option for women seeking enhancement to the size and shape of their breasts without undergoing major surgery. The natural breast augmentation method does not make use of implants, as does traditional breast enhancement.B

This natural method instead uses fat cells from the patient’s own body, which are harvested by a liposuction procedure from other parts of the body like the buttocks, thighs, hips, or abdomen. These fat cells are then re-positioned in the breasts to achieve the desired size and shape. This method has the advantage of providing a permanent, natural look and feel to the breasts, without having to make any incisions or install silicone or saline breast implants.

More advantages of natural breast augmentation

Patients undergoing natural breast augmentation do not have to receive general anesthesia, which means that post-operation recovery time is significantly less than with traditional breast implants. There is no chance whatsoever that the enhancement material will be rejected by the body, since the fat cells are taken directly from the body itself. No scars are left after the procedure, and there is no concern about re-positioning implants, or needing follow-up surgery to correct implant complications.

Natural augmentation results

While natural breast augmentation is a relatively new technique, results have generally been hailed as very effective as a means of improving a woman’s appearance, and at the same time causing few health complications. Patients who choose the natural fat method of enhancement can generally expect to increase their breasts by approximately one cup-size, since a typical procedure inserts that amount of material in the breasts. It is however, possible to achieve greater enhancement by planning multiple natural augmentation sessions.

About Dr. Lopez

Dr. Quita Lopez is a cosmetic surgeon in Fresno, California, and is the Medical Director at the Aesthetic Laser Center in that city. Dr. Lopez grew up in the Central Valley area, and after earning an undergraduate degree at UCLA in 1984, she received her Medical Degree from the University of California at San Francisco. She returned to the area after her academic career, and established a private practice in California. Dr. Lopez is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and also a Fellow of the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery.

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