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For patients living with incontinence, every stray cough or sneeze brings potential stress and embarrassment. Millions of men and women struggle with incontinence every day: the weakening of a person’s pelvic muscles are a seemingly unavoidable part of aging. Many of these people turn to surgeries or medications for relief, but often these options are temporary, ineffective, or stressful on the body.

BTL Emsella is an FDA-approved, cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment which restores a patient’s ability to control their bladder and pelvic muscles. BTL Emsella relies on electromagnetic stimulation of the muscles, which creates thousands of contractions that rebuild strength and control of the muscles and organs in the pelvis.

After a few sessions with Emsella, patients feel more confidence and in-control. To learn more about what Emsella can do for you, call Aesthetic Laser Center today to schedule your consultation.

The Pelvic Floor: What Causes Incontinence

The diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles are responsible for supporting the bladder, bowels, and uterus. Unfortunately, over time, many women begin to have difficulty controlling their bladder with these muscles, resulting in incontinence. A number of experiences and factors can affect a woman’s ability to control her pelvic floor muscles, including but not limited to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, a hysterectomy, a neurological disorder, or simply age’s toll on the muscles. While weakening of the pelvic floor can contribute to loss of bladder and bowel control, incontinence can also occur if the pelvic floor muscles are too tight or overactive, resulting in muscle fatigue.

Patients increase their chances of developing incontinence if they are overweight, a smoker, diabetic, or have incontinence in their family history. Certain patients’ incontinence may be caused by other neurological or physiological concerns; patients who are uncertain about the causes of their incontinence are encouraged to speak to their doctor. It is not difficult to see how incontinence can become a common problem for many people.

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Loss of control of the pelvic floor can develop into stress incontinence, which refers to bladder leaks that results from the pressure of laughing, sneezing, exercising, heaving lifting, etc. Other patients may struggle with urge incontinence, characterized by a sudden urge to urinate, followed by loss of bladder control. Without healthy pelvic floor muscles, patient may additionally experience overflow incontinence, during which the bladder fails to empty and leaks almost constantly. Patients may experience one of or a combination of these control issues.

Due to the fact that Emsella can restore healthy function of the pelvic floor, regardless of the cause of the patient’s incontinence, the treatment is capable of stimulating and restoring control of the vital pelvic floor muscles in any patient.

About BTL Emsella

BTL Emsella is a quick, safe, non-invasive means of fighting incontinence. When a patient sits in the Emsella chair, the device administers advanced electromagnetic stimulation to the entire pelvic floor: this equates to over 10,000 supramaxial contractions per 30-minute session. These contractions achieve the improvement of essentially thousands of kegels, which activate the muscles in the pelvic floor. Patients regain more ability to control their bladder and bowels with each Emsella session.

One Emsella patient who was featured in Now to Love,  “…completed six sessions in the chair and says it has completely changed her life.” You can read more about Emsella and how it impacted a 53-year-old mom’s life for the better by clicking here!

Patients can receive their treatments fully clothed and will require no downtime following their Emsella session. Most patients are recommended to undergo Emsella twice a week for three weeks to achieve their best results.

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Emsella successfully controls incontinence because its advanced use of high-intensity electrical fields both rehabilitates the pelvic floor muscles and re-enables neuromuscular control of the area.

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BTL Emsella Vs Alternative Treatments

Many patients try a variety of options to treat their incontinence, but can have difficulty finding one that treats all their symptoms, without side effects. For example, some patients are prescribed anticholinergic medications like oxybutynin (Ditropan XL) to calm their overactive bladders, but are not happy with the accompanying dizziness, headaches, and stomach problems. Other patients turn to physical aids, such as a pessary, which is a ring the patient inserts into the vagina to support the bladder, or a urethral insert, which is removed when the patient wants to urinate. These solutions are rarely convenient and come with their own list of complications.

Some patients turn to Botox injections in the lower section of their bladder to reduce incontinence. Targeted exposure to laser heat thermal energy has been successful in treating some patient’s stress incontinence and overactive bladder scenarios, but does not deliver consistent results in all cases.

Emsella is an excellent option for patients with incontinence because it addresses the cause of the problem itself: loss of control of the pelvic floor muscles. Instead of patching a hole to stop the flood, Emsella is capable of addressing the cause of the leak and restoring healthy muscular function to the patient.

Benefits of Emsella

Emsella is an impressive advancement in the fight against incontinence. Thanks to its targeted, non-invasive use of an electromagnetic field, it stands out from other incontinence treatment methods for a wide variety of reasons.


  • Improves or completely remedies all types of incontinence
  • Restores bladder and bowel control
  • Strengthens the entire pelvic floor
  • Is capable of improving neuromuscular control
  • Requires no preparation
  • Requires no downtime
  • Is a pain-free treatment
  • Has no side effects
  • Can improve orgasms for some patients


Candidates for Emsella are those who are tired of the stress, discomfort, and embarrassment their incontinence adds to their lives. Emsella is an effective option for women of all ages who want to restore their control of their pelvic floor muscles.

Women who are struggling with moderate incontinence, whether it is stress, urge, and/or overflow incontinence, are candidates for the benefits of Emsella. Patients who are experiencing severe stress incontinence, however, may want to speak to their doctor, as their case may require alternative or additional treatment options.


In order to determine a patient’s candidacy for Emsella, Dr. Lopez will assess a patient’s medical history, as well as the degree of their incontinence. Once she has a full understanding of the individual’s unique case, she will help them schedule an Emsella treatment plan that will effectively restore their pelvic muscle control.

If she determines a patient’s case is of a severity where they may need to consider an alternative treatment option, Dr. Lopez will consult with the patient to help them achieve their ideal incontinence solution.

If you would like to learn more about what Emsella can do for your case of incontinence, call Aesthetic Laser Center today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Your Emsella Treatment

There is no preparation required before your Emsella treatment: in fact, you can receive your treatment in the clothes you wear that day to the doctor’s office! You will be asked to seat yourself on the Emsella chair for a 28-minute session. During your session, the chair will deliver an electromagnetic field to your pelvic floor muscles. This will stimulate supramaxial contractions, which activates and strengthens the muscles. Patients experience minimal discomfort. Some women report feeling aware of the muscle contractions, or sometimes experiencing tingling in their lower abdomen, but still feel comfortable enough to have a conversation or enjoy an activity like reading.

Patients experience a remarkable improvement in their struggle with incontinence after completing six sessions of Emsella, which are usually spaced out as bi-weekly appointments over a three-week period.


The advanced technology responsible for Emsella allows patients to make major improvements to the health of their pelvic floor muscles, without requiring them to take time off work or interrupt their busy schedules. An Emsella treatment is so convenient, a patient can fit one in during their lunch break, and return to their daily activities without issue. No recovery is required.

Some patients may experience muscle soreness in their pelvis and lower abdomen after their Emsella treatment, as if they completed a workout. This feeling should abate in the day or two following the treatment.


After each of their Emsella treatments, patients will feel an increase in the level of control they have over their bladder, bowels, and lower pelvic muscles in general. The improvement can be noticed immediately following the session. Most patients who have completed six Emsella treatments report complete disappearance of their incontinence. They regain the ability to cough, laugh, and be active, without the need to worry about urgency or unpleasant surprises.

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While the results of Emsella can be major and long-lasting, Dr. Lopez recommends patients maintain their pelvic floor health with Kegel and relevant lower abdomen exercises.


The price of an Emsella treatment will vary based on the number of sessions a patient decides to undergo. After your consultation, the team at Aesthetic Laser Center will be able to provide you with a cost breakdown for your Emsella treatment.

To learn more about how you can fight your incontinence with six quick, comfortable sessions of Emsella, call today to schedule your complimentary consultation.