Masseter Hypertrophy Enlargement Treatment Fresno and Oakland

Masseter Hypertrophy or Enlargement

This is a rare condition that most commonly occurs durning a patients 20b�s or 30b�s.B It can occur in one or both masseters.B The masseters are the primary muscles used in chewing. It can occur on one or both sides.B Unilateral involvement can occurB when patients chew or clench primarily on that side.

An enlarged masseter will cause a prominence at the angle of the mandible.B This produces a very square jaw which is usually notB aesthetically pleasing especially for the ladies.B B An oval shaped face is what these patients desire.

Botox (R), Xeomin, and Dysport have been used to treat enlarged masseters.B The dose ranges from 20-30 units of Botox or Zeomin per side, or 50-75 units of Dysport per side.

A 2005 Korean study published in Dermatologic Surgery showed the size of the masseter decreasedB between 12-38% in size.B The effect lasted at least 9 months.

Local side effects were usually mild and lasted only 1-4 weeks after injections.B These side effects included weakness with chewing, muscle aching and mild speech disturbance.

The lower facial contour gradually changes to a more oval face.B Physical symptoms that patients may have such as clenching and discomfort also improve

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