Preparing For Your Brazilian Butt-Lift Consultation

Absolutely everyone loves looking good. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to feel self-conscious. If you’re unhappy about the look of your rear end and you wish it were fuller and more curvaceous, you may be interested in a Brazilian butt lift.

A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic treatment that uses excess fat to augment the buttocks and enhance its appearance. The Brazilian butt lift produces results not just for the butt but also for the area from where the fat was taken.

In a Brazilian butt lift, the medical professional removes excess fat from areas like the stomach, back, thighs, and love handles and uses this fat to reshape the butt, making it look rounder and fuller. Because the fat is removed from the harvest sites, the patient looks more sculpted and contoured in those areas.

The buttocks augmentation coupled with the fat reduction is what makes the Brazilian butt lift so popular with patients.

What You Need to Know When Preparing

Before you decide to go for a Brazilian butt lift, you must schedule a consultation with our office. Prior to the consultation, here are a few important things you need to know. Having this information beforehand helps the consultation go smoothly.

1) Buttocks augmentation with implants uses solid silicone implants to give the butt a rounded appearance. A Brazilian butt lift does not use any artificial substance and instead uses the patient’s own fat from other parts of the body. This makes it safer and more patient friendly.

2) A Brazilian butt lift does not require general anesthesia, which makes the procedure safer.

3) This procedure can be performed on older patients as well as younger ones. During the consultation, the doctor performs a complete examination to understand whether or not the procedure is right for the patient.

4) This procedure is ideal for those who have excess fat on the stomach and less on the butt. The Brazilian butt lift removes the stomach fat and uses it to enhance the butt.

5) During the procedure, fat is taken out in a safe and gentle way that does not necessitate a great deal of downtime for the patient. Removing the fat contours the body to ensure the best results for the chosen area, making it look more sculpted.

6) The fat removed is purified before being moved to the buttocks. On an average, 2,000 cc of fat is removed from the body and then purified to yield 1,000 cc of high quality fat.

7) The fat cells harnessed are introduced into the butt at various levels in the form of injected droplets. This helps to create a rounded and well-shaped butt.

8) A couple of weeks of rest may be needed with a follow-up appointment during recovery.

9) The results of the Brazilian butt lift are long lasting, provided the fat connects well to the blood supply in its new area.

Set Up Your Consultation

Now that you’re prepared for your Brazilian butt-lift consultation, contact our office to schedule your appointment. At Aesthetic Laser Center, patient satisfaction is our top priority.

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