Whats New In Skincare Treatment

What skin care treatment is new at Aesthetic Laser Center?

The newest product I am using on patients is from Hansderma and it is called HD SkinStem GF complex.B This stands for SkinStem Growth Factor Complex.

What is in the GF complex?

It contains a couple of important Growth Factors that are present in oneb’s platelets and are released when procedures are performed on patients that cause skin injury such as micro-needling, non-ablative lasers, LED, Radio frequency and chemical peels. These facilitate and shorten the natural healing process and rejuvenate the skin. These growth factors can be isolated in larger numbers by drawing a patientb’s blood and isolating the platelets in larger numbers which contain multiple growth factors.

What is is the GF Complex?

Two important growth factors included are needled for skin repair and collagen remodeling.B These are EGF and FGF.

EGF stands for epidermal growth factor and protein causes the growth of a wide range of epidermal and epithelial cells.B This directly stimulates the proliferation of epidermal cells to give a healthier and thicker skin surface.B Not only will you better looking skin, but the healing process is accelerated.

FGF stands for fibroblast growth factor and this cytokine stimulates fibroblast synthesis and creates new collagen and elastin in an orderly fashion that helps firm, smooth and increase moisture content to the face.B What one sees is improved texture , firmer skin and less wrinkles.

The other products in the GF complex include Copper peptides which are anti-inflammatory and and also stimulate skin remodeling.B Hyaluronic Acid is also present which improves the moisture of the skin and Vitamins C, B2-6 and B12, HB and Palmitoyl Peptide which improves elasticity, firmness and tone.

These are high quality, concentrated stable products manufactured in an FDA-registered lab that meets their stringent quality control.B They are very safe and are 100% similar to human proteins and are produced through a process called recombinant DNA.B This is the most common method of producing bioactive ingredients in the cosmetic industry.

I like using the Micro-needling which is theB worldb’s number one microneedling device with unique AVONTM B B technology,B because it has shown to delivery the active ingredients into the dermis with the second pass of the pen.B The growth factors and vitamins help the recovery process so there is minimal downtown.B Microneedling studies on rats have soon a 140% increase in epidermis over controls when using skin care creams or serumsB with Vit A and C.B Human studies performed by Aust et al. showed an increase skin thickness of 40% after 6 months based on skin biopsies.

Aust MC et al.B Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy: An alternative for Scars, Wrinkles, and Skin Laxity. Plas Reconstr Surg. 2008 April; 121(4) 1421-9.

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