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Lopez, Quita (
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by maria on Lopez, Quita (

Had my mini Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation in Nov2017 and I'm very happy with my results I would highly recommend Dr. Lopez my down time from work was 3 weeks and from their slowly got better I wouldn't have gone NO where else!

by Melissa O on Lopez, Quita (
Tear through fillers

Let me just take a moment to say that dr Quita Lopez deserves more then 5 stars. I went to her to get my under eye bags filled with bolatero filler. She got my under eye bags to not even become noticeable meaning the bags went away. That’s something I always grow up hating is that no matter what I had eye bags regardless if I got sleep or no sleep , I become aware it was just genetics. However she was extremely honest and I felt so happy with my end results. I would not want to go with anyone else. She did an amazing job and because doctor Quita Lopez I am In love that I don’t have under bags anymore. I’ll just have to keep going back when I feel the need to inject more fillers but I don’t mind ever paying doctor Quita Lopez to use her expertise on me. She’s a keeper for sure.

by Anonymous on Lopez, Quita (
Tummy tuck, breast lift, fat transfer to buttocks

Estoy feliz me encantaron los resultados, mejor de la doctora Lopez es excelente, tambien Karina y Denise.

by GA on Lopez, Quita (
Tradition tummy tuck, Liposuction

As a young teenage male, I gradually became unable to control weight grain. At age 18, (weighing approximately 249lbs. at 5'6 tall,) I decided to go on a crash diet. I have suffered from my decision to diet without exercising as i should have, resulting in loose hanging skin. For many years I attempted to correct his condition with excessive exercise. The disheartening appearance of loose skin around my waistline remained the same. I am not exaggerating in the least! Many photos of my abdominal area before and after the procedures are obtainable through Dr. Lopez. After viewing these photos, one can easily comprehend the appreciation I hold for Dr. Lopez and her assistants. Not only have they improved the contour of my body; but at the very same time, have made it possible for me achieve a very positive self-image. I was determined to seek this type of surgery. After so many years of depression, and enduring the innumerable insults and ridicule from members of my own family as well as countless others- Finally I had the chance at age 71 years to relieve this life-long painful burden! After consulting with Dr. Quita Lopez of Aesthetic Laser Center, I undertook the following procedures: Traditional tummy tuck, Lateral skin excision, Vertical skin excision and liposuction. Within a few days after completing the first procedure (April 19, 2017), I immediately notice that I had ceased to suffer from a medical condition known as "urinary incontinence," a condition that resulted after an unrelated operation that was performed on me in the year 2010. I was so elated when I had realized that it no longer existed. Even as I mention it now, it remains an overwhelming joy for me. This result was unexpected, needless to say a grand and welcome surprise. After completing the first procedure; weekly visits were scheduled for laser treatments, being a component of the total procedure. I believe that these laser treatments of incision areas made the healing process much quicker and reduced scar appearance greatly! It has become quite clear to me just how meticulous Dr. Lopez and her assistants are. They scrupulously maintain a sterile antiseptic environment by placing it as a prime priority throughout each procedure, as well as before and follow-through. I believe that Dr. Lopez and her assistants have a great understanding and empathy with the patients need for communication. The quick responses and constant availability gave me a sound feeling of security. knowing that if i needed to contact my physician due to pain, or experiencing unfamiliar effects or sensations- at no time did I ever feel alone during my experience with Dr. Lopez and her ever-so giving assistants! I am so pleased with the results of my other procedures- far above my own expectations! Without the slightest hesitation, I recommend the outstanding expertise of Dr. Lopez and her assistants to anyone who is in search of the finest quality services, and for the very best results! Only the very Best of Wishes to you Dr. Enraquita "Quita" Lopez and your wonderful team!

by Julia Harris on Lopez, Quita (
PRP Injections with Great Results

I visited Dr. Lopez because my hair was thinning and falling out at an alarming rate starting in my late 30’s. When I spoke to Dr. Lopez about my concern she was very understanding and supportive. She suggested platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections on my scalp to promote stronger thicker hair and slow or stop my hair loss. I followed her advice and chose the treatment and I’m very happy with the results. So far I have had two PRP treatments with the most notable change occurring after the second treatment just as she had predicted during my pre-treatment appointment. Now my my hair is notably thicker and healthier looking and my rapid hair loss has stopped. As Dr. Lopez suggested I will continue with regular treatments once a year to maintain healthy hair growth. I am 100% satisfied with the affordability, kind treatment that I received as a patient and positive outcome. I highly recommend PRP treatment from Dr. Lopez to anyone who is wanting to stop their hair loss.

by Maria on Lopez, Quita (
Implante de senos

Solo muy agradesida y Feliz con la Doctora y su personal porque mi experiensia y los resultados para mi fueron los mejores.

by Monica B on Lopez, Quita (

I been with my Dr. QUITA LOPEZ about a year now with all my necessary touch ups I need I consider it not only is she great at what she does she really cares for her patient's and takes the time for each one and the staff is also so supportive and understanding and I'm very pleased I chose Dr. Quita Lopez and happy with my results now it's up to me to keep up with it excersise.😉Thank You Dr. Lopez and Staff

by NS on Lopez, Quita (
Non- Surgical Rhinoplasty

Really impressed and very happy with my results.

by Isabel on Lopez, Quita (
Lip Filler

I work in beauty. So I need to look good at all times. Dr. Lopez has done this for me for the past 6 years. From Breast Augmentation to Lip Augmentation. Thank you Dr. Lopez.

by Lea on on Lopez, Quita (
Lip Injections

Made me feel really comfortable. Wonderful hands, It did not hurt at all. She explained the process. I will be returning for sure!

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