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Mommy MakeOver Fresno

Mommy makeover procedures are common and becoming more popular. Changes occur in the whole body during pregnancy and sometimes a women will be left with excess skin and lose muscles that wonbt snap back to their original pre-pregnant state.

The abdomen undergoes many changes with advancing pregnancy. The skin has to stretch to accommodate the growing uterus. The muscles and fascia also undergo the same process. With excess weight gain and multiple pregnancies, some women do not snap back to their original state. I commonly see excess skin in upper in lower abdomen. These patients frequently have stretch marks on their upper and lower abdomen. Many also have fat present if they don’t lose all of their pregnancy weight.

The muscles sometimes don’t align back together in the midline leaving what is called diastasis recti. This is seen as a bulge in the midline upper abdomen that can be seen when one sits up after being flat. Some people have good elasticity and muscle tone and this can snap back after pregnancy. In others it needs to be corrected with an abdominoplasty procedure.

A change in the breast that occurs with pregnancy and or breast feeding also includes stretching and engorgement. Afterwards, the breast can appear saggy and stretched out with loss of volume. The patients with poor skin elasticity will look worse.

I commonly perform an Avelar lipoabdominplasty procedure along with a breast augmentation. The Avelar abdominoplasty procedure combines liposuction with muscle and fascia tightening along with removal of excess skin. The combination of both of these usually restores the body appearance that most patients had prior to pregnancy. Sometimes it surpasses their expectations and they look better than before. Other breast procedures commonly performed include breast augmentation with breast lift or breast lift alone. These are usually done when there is excessive dropping of the breast and significant excess skin.