Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lifts are extremely popular with patients. This usually refers to augmentation of the buttocks usually with fat with or without a suture suspension. One can also achieve this look more consistently and dramatically with silicone butt implants.

LG b & a 3-4 view

An ideally shapely buttock is desired in many cultures. Most patients that come to me want a nicely shaped behind that has good projection and looks good in jeans. In most patients this can be achieved with combination liposuction and fat grafting to the buttocks.

The areas around the buttocks need to be sculpted in order to enhance the shape of the derriere. Most patients that I see need liposuction on their hips, waist and lower back to
get rid of their muffin top and bra roll. Sculpting this anatomic unit with enhance their curves and highlight their behind. Saddle bags and excess fat in the inner and posterior thighs also need to be sculpted down in order to maximize the ideal shape of the buttocks.

Studies in the literature where the photos were compared before and after surgery and measurements taken showed that the butt was lifted at the point of greatest projection hence the name Brazilian butt lift.

I graft in multiple layers in order to decrease complications and improve the survival of the fat. The fat can be grafting in the subcutaneous and intramuscular planes. Each patient is different but most patients now get 240-800 cc of fat injected into each side depending on the surface area.

Studies have shown that 80% or more of fat can survive. If weight is maintained, the results can be long term. Most accurate measure of fat survival are MRI scans and 3D surface imaging.

Some patients have some ptosis or a little sagging of their butt. A suture suspension of the butt can be performed at the same time. This lifts the butt without producing large scars in the area. Small incisions are made to allow a suture suspension needle to enter and encircle the butt and this suture is tied together. Fat can be grafted after the suture is tied. This is a less invasive procedure than traditional buttock lifting procedures where excess skin is removed.

Studies have shown this to be a reproducible and safe procedure. Complications such as fat necrosis, seromas, fat emboli and infection can occur. Most of my patients recover in less in 1 week.