What is it?

Is it better than regular liposuction?

Vaser ( vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance )liposuction uses ultrasound energy to disrupt the fat before suction liposuction is performed.B Having used Vaser for almost 2 years I can say that it cuts by liposuction time by 50% and the suctioning is much easier to perform.B Patients that have had previous liposuction or with large weight losses can be fibrous and be difficult to do.B I am noticing better results with patients with more uniform fatB reduction and more skin tightening.

There was a study published 2012 that was multicenter, prospective, randomized, single-blind, controlled clinical trial comparing the VASER- to regular suction liposuction. They performed Vaser liposuction on side of the bodyB and regular liposuction on the other side of the body.B They measured changes in ultraviolet light tattoos to asses the amount of tightening the patients had.B What they found was that the side where the Vaser was performed they found more skin tightening

Vaser Liposuction is very similar to regular liposuction except a Vaser probe is placed under the skin and ultrasound energy is delivered in the subcutaneous area to disrupt the fat prior to liposuction. This is done after the numbing solution is placed under the skin. I really like the Vaser better than all the laser probes out there because the Vaser probe is larger and i can treat larger surface areas.

After Vaser Liposuction of abdomen, and flanks with
creation of linea alba and semilunaris lines. which was statistically significant to the p=0.003.B This means there was much more skin tightening with the Vaser.

They also measured blood loss in the two aspirates and found thatB the VaserB had statistically significant less blood loss1.B This study did not show a statisticalB difference in subjective measure such as pain and swelling.

I love using the Vaser on body parts that are very fibrous such as the upper back and abdomen.B The inner thighs and arms also produce nice results with good skin tightening.B Even though the previous study did not show a statistical significance in terms of postoperative pain, I feel antidotally, these patients have less pain than with traditionalB liposuction.

Patients want to be sculpted and Brazilian Butt lifts are being requested more frequently.B The fat that is removed from the flanks are frequently put back in the butt to improve the contour and increase projection of the butt.B A recent study from 2013 documented that the fat that is extracted with the Vaser has a viability of 85-88%.

vaser lipo before after front

vaser lipo before and afer backReferences:

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